Smokin Rednecks Catering Services

About Smokin Rednecks

It all started with my husband, Bobby. He was a member of the Elks Club and we use to volunteer to help out with their Food Trucks. We enjoyed meeting new people and providing the food for all of their functions. Bobby has always offered his time to help out people in need. He jumped in and donated his time and cooking skills to help feed the people of Jasper, GA after they had a tornado hit there. Events like these have inspired our love of cooking and the ability to share it with people everywhere. Then the opportunity arose for us to start our own Food Truck business.

We started with just a small truck and have now upgraded so that we can supply larger groups with catering as well. We have expanded the menu from burgers, fries and breakfast sandwiches to include smoked meats, pasta salads, etc. We have catered a variety of events including Fairs, Car Shows, Dog Shows, Weddings, etc. Smokin’ Rednecks is based out of Madison, NH but we have traveled well over 200 miles to cater events. We are always open to expanding our menu, so requests/suggestions are welcomed.